Legendary Dodge Ram Power Wagon Returns

Auburn Hills, Oct 01, 2004




The big, bad Dodge Ram Power Wagon is back.


After nearly 25 years, Dodge's legendary 4x4 icon - the Dodge Ram Power Wagon - returns as the most capable off-road production pickup truck ever created.


The all-new 2005 Dodge Ram Power Wagon is reborn with class-exclusive electric-locking front and rear differentials, a class-exclusive electronic disconnecting sway bar, the 345 horsepower 5.7-liter HEMI® engine, the tallest standard tires offered on a pickup truck - 33-inch BF Goodrich® All Terrain tires - a custom-built Warn® 12,000 lb. winch, and available three-inch heavy-gauge tubular steel rock rails from Mopar®.


"The Dodge Ram Power Wagon obliterates the competition," said Darryl Jackson, Vice President, Dodge Marketing. "It is the only pickup for severe off-road work conditions. With best-in-class off-road performance and HEMI power, the Dodge Ram Power Wagon goes way beyond anything ever created by the competition."


Built to master the most rigorous off-road trails, the all-new Dodge Ram Power Wagon is based on the Dodge Ram 2500, and is available in either regular or Quad Cab body styles.


"The Dodge Ram Power Wagon is built for extreme off-road conditions, but will attract a wide variety of buyers," Jackson continued. "In addition to extreme off-roaders, Dodge Ram Power Wagon will be used in agricultural and forestry applications, and by enthusiasts in extreme recreational situations or on their daily drive route."




Built for all terrain


One glance at the all-new 2005 Dodge Ram Power Wagon, and the most serious off-roaders know it means business.


"The 2005 Dodge Ram Power Wagon lives up to its name," said Mike Donoughe, Vice President, Body-on-Frame Product Team. "There is simply no other pickup on the market that can touch its capability. Dodge Ram Power Wagon takes the road less traveled while comfortably taking passengers and gear along for the ride."


Built off of the Dodge Ram 2500, the all-new 2005 Dodge Ram Power Wagon has a running height of 14.5 inches, compared to 12 inches on the Ram 2500. The vehicle's approach angle is boosted to 35 degrees, the departure angle is increased to 26.5 degrees and the breakover angle is enhanced to 25.5 degrees. This gives the Dodge Ram Power Wagon significant clearance for navigating a variety of off-road trails, especially when tackling severe inclines and declines.


Providing optimal balance between on-road civility and off-road capability are BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A 33-inch tires, which feature beefy tread patterns to help grab ledges along the trail, and deliver optimum traction through sand, mud and snow.


On the underside of the 2005 Dodge Ram Power Wagon are generous underbody protection components. An all-new steering damper skid plate and all-new fore-aft bars bring together the transfer case and fuel tank skid plates, resulting in armor that minimizes underside damage and rock wedging.


Reducing the risk of vehicle body damage from the terrain of the most severe off-road trails are three-inch heavy-gauge tubular steel rock rails, which are available from Mopar.



Best-in-class wheel articulation


A disconnecting stabilizer bar, a solid front axle with coil springs and a single-stage leaf spring rear suspension with unique softer spring settings give the all-new Dodge Ram Power Wagon the best wheel articulation in its class.


The 2005 Dodge Ram Power Wagon's electronic disconnecting stabilizer bar, called a "Smart Bar," delivers additional wheel travel for traversing the toughest trails. The driver-actuated stabilizer bar disengagement is possible in both four-wheel drive "High" or four-wheel drive "Low" at speeds below 18 miles per hour. As a safety feature, the Smart Bar re-engages at speeds above 18 miles per hour.


Front and rear electronic axle lockers provide low-speed maneuvering when climbing boulders and ascending steep inclines by evenly splitting torque between both wheels, forcing them to turn in unison for extra traction. Bilstein monotube high-pressure gas shock absorbers keep all four wheels firmly planted, and 4.56 gearing assures immediate takeoff when stepping on the gas.


"This truck was built by off-roaders for off-roaders," said Donoughe. "One test drive of the all-new Dodge Ram Power Wagon's state-of-the-art off-road axle and suspension package and you know it means business."


The all-new 2005 Dodge Ram Power Wagon's combined axle and suspension package adds to greater vehicle flexibility, a determining factor when negotiating extreme obstacles. The Dodge Ram Power Wagon boasts a 460 (23-inch vertical height) Ramp Travel Index (RTI - a measurement of a vehicle's suspension articulation) with the stabilizer bar engaged and 655 (32-inch vertical height) RTI with the stabilizer bar disengaged.




HEMI power


The 5.7-liter HEMI Magnum with 345 horsepower at 5,400 rpm and 375 lb. ft. of torque at 4,200 rpm is the only available engine, offered with either a 5-45RFE five-speed automatic or G56 six-speed manual transmission (late availability).


"Without question, HEMI continues to resonate with our truck buyers," said Jackson. "Dodge boasts a 47 percent take-rate for the HEMI engine in the Dodge truck lineup."


The Dodge Ram Heavy Duty's HEMI powertrain has been modified for use in the Dodge Ram Power Wagon in order to enhance its off-road maneuverability. When driving in four-wheel drive "Low" operation, the throttle pedal response softens and the idle speed increases by 100 rpm (from 650 to 750 rpm) - providing added control when ascending and descending off-road obstacles.



Best-in-class acceleration


Versus competitive vehicles with similar size gasoline engines, the 5.7-liter HEMI Magnum provides best-in-class acceleration. It features cross-flow aluminum cylinder heads with hemispherical combustion chambers and investment cast, steel rocker-arm-actuated splayed valves for high air flow, two spark plugs per cylinder for fast, efficient combustion, and a new direct ignition system with high-power coils ensuring consistent, complete combustion.


When it comes to hauling, the 2005 Dodge Ram Power Wagon upholds Dodge Ram's towing genetics with a Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) of 17,000 lbs. and a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 8,510 lbs.





Bold Dodge Ram truck styling


Based on the Dodge Ram 2500 and available in either regular or Quad Cab body styles, the all-new 2005 Dodge Ram Power Wagon is distinguished by its large, beefy posture, custom matte finish wheel flares, a towering stance (80.6 inches tall), custom 17x8-inch polished forged aluminum wheels, black front and rear fender flares and a large chrome Power Wagon badge featured across the tailgate.


The front view features the bold Dodge crosshair grille, five roof-mounted cab running lights and Dodge Ram Power Wagon's most distinguishing feature - a front-mounted 12,000 lb. power winch, equipped with 90 feet of galvanized aircraft wire cable and a remote control. A winch was a standard feature on the original 1946 Dodge Power Wagon -- and is often used by hardcore off-roaders.



Size and convenience inside


The 2005 Dodge Ram Power Wagon Quad Cab delivers a highly functional and capable interior, featuring four conventional doors and a large, comfortable cab.


To enhance comfort and convenience, all four doors are front-hinged, with inside and outside handles, to improve entry and exit. Rear doors open 85 degrees and rear windows move all the way down. In addition to increased seating room and comfort, the Dodge Ram Power Wagon Quad Cab features a host of storage compartments and conveniences.


Rear seats feature an optional 60/40 split to accommodate passengers and cargo. Seat cushions fold up to create a tall floor-to-ceiling storage area. And an optional steel floor section under the back seat folds open to form a flat-load floor, with ample storage in the footwells.


The 2005 Dodge Ram Power Wagon regular cab offers just as much flexibility, with the largest cab in the segment. This extra space not only aids in storage behind the rear seat, but also allows for improved seat travel and ease in reclining for driver and passengers.


Other features include air conditioning, cruise control, Sirius® Satellite Radio, a DVD-based navigation system and a UConnect™ hands-free communications system, all adding to the new 2005 Dodge Ram Power Wagon's comfort and solidifying it as a truck suitable for the daily commute or long road trips with the family.




Available Mopar Accessories for Dodge Ram Power Wagon


Adding to the functionality of the all-new 2005 Dodge Ram Power Wagon are several accessories available from Mopar.


Three-inch heavy-gauge tubular steel rock rails from Mopar reduce the risk of vehicle body damage from severe off-road trails. Mopar also provides a Power Wagon winch kit which includes a snatch block, shackle, tree trunk protector, recovery strap and leather gloves. A Mopar Skid Resistor bedliner, with the Power Wagon logo embossed in the head wall, is also available for both regular cab and Quad Cab models.



Dodge truck leadership


"The all-new Dodge Ram Power Wagon is yet another addition to the long list of Dodge truck leadership claims," said Jackson. "In categories including power, speed, strength and capability, Dodge Ram trucks lead the way."


The all-new 2005 Dodge Ram Power Wagon is the latest addition to the Dodge truck lineup, which continues to haul the most leadership claims:




Safety and security features


As is the case with all 2005 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty models, the all-new 2005 Dodge Ram Power Wagon offers a class-exclusive side curtain air bag system and power adjustable pedals (on both automatic and manual transmission-equipped trucks).


Dodge Ram Power Wagon also provides a standard anti-lock braking system (ABS), pretensioning and constant-force seat belt retractors, and features standard rear-seat headrests on Quad Cab models. The largest brakes in its class and 17-inch wheels contribute to Dodge Ram Power Wagon's safety capability.


Also standard are next-generation multistage driver and front-passenger air bags. The passenger side air bag may be turned off on regular cab Dodge Ram Power Wagons to accommodate child seats. The all-new 2005 Dodge Ram Power Wagon also includes standard Lower Anchors and Tether for Children (LATCH) child seat anchorage system. The LATCH system works in conjunction with the standard child seat tether anchors to make it easier to attach child seats.



Following are safety and security technology features in the all-new 2005 Dodge Ram Power Wagon:





The Original Dodge Power Wagon


First mass-produced civilian 4x4 truck


After World War II, GIs returning home wrote to Dodge and asked, "Where can we get a truck like the ones we used in the war?" Dodge responded by building the Power Wagon. Virtually unchanged from its introduction in 1945 to when its domestic sales ended in 1968, the Dodge Power Wagon is the classic four-wheel drive truck.


Dodge Power Wagons first appeared on the civilian market in 1946 as the model WDX. The model designations changed over the years, but the Power Wagon was offered only as a 1-ton truck through its final year of production in 1968.



The Dodge Power Wagon was similar in design to the 3/4 ton weapons carrier, with a 126-inch wheelbase, closed cab similar to the Dodge VC series trucks, and the front shell and grille similar to the T234 3/4 ton built by Dodge for the Chinese Army, also known as the Burma Road truck.


The original Dodge Power Wagon featured a 230 cubic-inch flathead six engine, a two-speed transfer case, a four-speed transmission with a power take-off opening, which would send power to the front and back of the truck for operating auxiliary equipment and big 9.00/16-8 ply tires on 16x6-inch five-stud wheels. The 1-ton rated Power Wagon's maximum GVW rating was 8,700 lbs. Its maximum payload was 3,000 lbs.


A pickup box was designed that measured 8 x 4.5 feet. Dodge factory-built this four-wheel drive truck over a year-and-a-half before the Willys 4T and 10 years before other manufacturers began producing 4x4 trucks, making it the first mass-produced civilian 4x4 truck.


Over the years, changes were made to the original Dodge Power Wagon including a 251 cubic-inch engine to replace the original 230 cubic-inch powerplant, as well as synchromesh transmission, alternator and 12-volt electrical system, to name a few. Many custom-bodied Power Wagons were put into service as fire trucks and school buses. One of the finest examples is the custom Cantrell-bodied four-door woody station wagon - the original Dodge sport utility vehicle.


The 1947 WDX featured amenities including electric wipers, a single driver's sun visor and armrest, dome light, a heater and the Braden 10,000 lb. winch.


In 1957, Dodge introduced another line of four-wheel drive trucks, also known as Power Wagons, with the model designations W100, W200, W300 and W500. More conventional in styling, these Dodge Power Wagons were available with different engines, including V-8s.


A total of 95,145 WDX-WM300 Power Wagons were sold from 1945-1968. Exports continued through 1971 and limited sales continued through 1978, with versions that included slant 6 engines and hanging pedal assemblies.


After the 1968 model year, the Dodge Power Wagon went out of production because the nearly 30-year-old cab did not comply with new federal light-duty truck regulations.



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